#CancelRent is Left’s Latest Ploy to Attack Landlords, Property Ownership, and Push for Socialism

Author: c-libertarian

Description: Never let a good crisis go to waste is getting old. The Left only knows how to take when one happens, not contribute to dealing with or solving the problem that has arisen. The current pandemic is no different. Right now they are trying to use tit to push for getting free rent on the dime of landlords and/or the Government. Which they have called for landlords to get stuck with May’s rent through people withholding theirs expecting to not get evicted. Which people, coincidentally on the Left, are stiffing them too thinking a pandemic excuses them from their personal responsibilities, like paying rent to keep a roof over their head for example.

In this video we take a look at people just deciding not to pay their rents when they are either employed even with what is going on or are collecting unemployment with an additional $600 a week tacked on because of the CARES Act.