Dreamers Are Trying to Exploit WuFlu to Stop SCOTUS From Ending DACA

Author: c-libertarian

Description: According to Dreamers and their supporters, because of the current pandemic and the possibility of a future one, the Supreme Court of the United States should ignore the US Constitution along with Federal Law and not rule against DACA. To justify this they are claiming that “about 27,000” Dreamers currently work in healthcare in this country so they all should get to stay. The thing is though, there is absolutely no proof there is even remotely that many who do. But, it does appear that they are including janitors working at hospitals and medical centers to try to reach that number.

In this video we take a look at the New York Times try to exploit the current pandemic to push this DACA Dreamer narrative in order to panic the general public in the hope that will sway the Supreme Court to rule in their favor.

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