It is Feared Michigan Protests are Representative of Growing National Backlash to Pandemic Measures

Author: c-libertarian

Description: When the protests started in Michigan the Legacy Media and other outlets on the Left tried to portray them as the wealthy were the ones behind them pulling the strings and low IQ Trump voters were just being duped into doing their bidding. That narrative failed miserably and the calls for reopening the country have only grown stronger with each passing day. They are not willing to allow what the public wants and have now changed the narrative along with escalated it to where they are trying to portray the whole group in Michigan as gun toting extremists in the hope of regaining the perceived control they have gained over the masses. This escalation only shows they are scared of the rest of us following suit, revolting against their supposed authority, and their loss of even more of it.

In this video we take a look at the Left and Legacy Media desperately trying to hold onto the control they believe they have gained over people’s lives and the inevitable loss of it.

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