Left Upset Republicans Won't Roll Over and Let Them Use Pandemic to Manipulate Voting

Author: c-libertarian

Description: The Democrats and Left in general never likes to let a good crisis go to waste and the current pandemic is no exception. It is already clear they are looking to use it as the foundation for Impeach Trump 2.0 at this point. But, that isn’t their only plan of attack in regards to him. They are also trying to use this pandemic to make it so voting integrity can be easily compromised through the use of absentee ballots for when their second attempt to impeach the President fails. Which with this plan of attack it also offers the added bonus of being able to target more than just Trump through manipulation of the results by being able to easily stuff the ballot box using a variety of means..

In this video we take a look at Vox demonstrating how upset the Left and Democrats are that the Republicans won’t just roll over like they used to before Trump and allow for US elections to be easily compromised.

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