Legacy Media Doth Protest Too Much Over Barr Pointing Out Mass Mail-In Voting Creates Fraud Problem

Author: c-libertarian

Description: With how hard the Legacy Media and Democrats are attacking the legitimate concerns of Attorney General William Barr and President Trump over mail-in ballots being sent to every person on voter roles it is almost as if they are planning to use doing so as an opportunity to try to rig the election not trusting the will of the people will align with them. What give this away is, they are are protesting Barr and Trump pointing out it opening the door for massive election and voter fraud too much for it not to be their plan. Another thing that also gives it away is their tying to pass of their opinions it won’t happen off as actual proof it won’t.

In this video we take a look at the Legacy Media and Democrats trying to play all of us as if we are morons hoping we don’t notice they are planning on rigging the 2020 Election using mail-in ballots.

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