Those Exploiting H-1B Visas for Cheaper Foreign Labor Afraid of Trump's Coming Restrictions

Author: c-libertarian

Description: When the Legacy Media tries to push the idea that H-1B visas only bring in high-skill labor the US does not have domestically you know they are lying. H-1B visas have been used by companies to replace Americans with cheaper foreign workers they can control or to fill new positions with them. Most of the jobs H-1B visas have been issued for here in the US over the last several years have been in IT or related fields, or for computer programmers. These are industries where there isn’t a shortage of qualified Americans to fill positions. Yet, those exploiting the H-1B visa system want us all to believe that.

In this video we take a look at a globalist from Forbes try to put the fear into all of us that if we restrict H-1B visas it will only hurt all of us and the United States.

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