Former Bernie Bro Aide to the Senator Wants You to Believe Gov, Cuomo's Popularity is Due to Fredo

Author: c-libertarian

Description: I really wish I was making the title to this video up and that is wasn’t true but I couldn’t be so lucky. A former aide to Bernie Sanders recently did an interview and actually made the claim that the only reason why Andrew Cuomo’s approval ratings are at the level they are at is because of his reject brother Chris and his show on CNN. If anything the only popularity he’s gained going on Chris’ show has been from his constantly making fun of him for all to see, nothing more. Yet, he wants us to believe a fallacy like this because he’s lost touch with reality worse than Cenk Uyger and Ana Kasparian combined

In this video we take a look at the la la land delusions of this Bernie Bro.

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