Fauci Upset That Americans Aren't Kneeling to His Authority After Seeing Real Results of Pandemic

Author: c-libertarian

Description: Dr Fauci is starting to show his true colors. The American people are no longer kneeling down subservient to his authority and he does not like it. He also does not like the fact they are no longer listening to him in regards to his claims about the pandemic due to the fact pretty much everything he’s claimed was scientific fact and would happen has not happened. We have not had millions die even though he claimed we would with the country locked down in a best case scenario. The death rate hasn’t even come close to how many he claimed were going to die at this point. The numbers of infected are far below what he claimed they would be.. This list of his supposed cientific facts being wrong goes on and on too. Which he’s trying to label anyone pointing and calling this all out as science deniers. This is while he’s actually trying to take credit for the millions he claimed would die not dying.

In this video we take a look at Dr Fauci exposing his actions in regards to the pandemic were more about control than the public’s safety.

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