c0ff33 vlog 23rd October 2020

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Another week has been dispatched, and one that has seen the lockdown goalposts moving around all over - tier 3 areas seem to be making up their own tier 3 rules, laughably in some cases the regional borders are separated down streets - so people in Tier 3 can't go to the pub on their side of the street, but walk across the road and it's Tier 2 so they can. Some interesting get out clauses in Tier 3 as well - where Pubs can open that serve "Substantial Meals" - one enterprising Pub even started giving away nuggets and chips so they could remain open - the council tried to stop that by saying "people have to pay for the meal" so he now charges 1p for his nuggets and chips - nice one!

A relaxing work free weekend last week, but back to the grind Monday and Tuesday both big roast days on the 30kg, with a few batches on the 5kg on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday a desperate effort to try and update the new bag images on the website and fill out all the origin information for each coffee fully.

Winter has arrived, the dark nights are already here and with the clocks going back tonight it will get even darker. What is going to happen in the run up to Christmas is anybodies guess.