c0ff33 vlog 27th March 2020 - It's a lockdown

Author: c0ff33a

Description: It's been another crazy week, on Monday the UK was placed into Lockdown and I chose to tell the staff to stay home on full pay so they had less chance of catching or spreading Coronavirus. But as a distributor  I have kept working and shipping orders, the Government advice was to stay home and have goods delivered - and I'm delivering coffee daily with Hermes collecting 10am every day (I stopped dropping at the petrol station to again reduce possible contamination - I dropped some tonight just because I needed to fill up with fuel) and 4pm each day DPD Local picks up the bigger and heavier orders. 

So I'm running a one man distribution effort, effectively isolated because I don't need to leave the car to get inside work.  Who knows how long this could go on for, but I will keep shipping as long as the carriers collect.