c0ff33 vlog 28th February 2020 sn0w joke

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Well what a crazy week it has been, the storm mostly missed us last weekend and after a relaxing Saturday I continued the epic painting mission at work on Sunday. But the back end of the storm brought snow during Sunday morning so when I got up for work Monday morning we had a good covering, and despite setting off for work half an hour earlier then normal - it took a shocking 1 hour 45 minutes to drive the 5 mile commute because the little bit of snow on the roads caused grid lock.

By the afternoon the snow had melted again, so Tuesday morning I was expecting an easier journey - WRONG! It had snowed even heavier overnight and was pounding down when I set off at 7.30am again. Monday I took the low roads to Halifax, so on Tuesday I had the bright idea of taking the higher roads which I normally use because there is less traffic. Now I avoid this route when it snows because if it's snowing heavy lower altitude - going higher just means it will be even worse - but I thought I would take the risk. Anyway I quickly hit a massive queue and and up taking 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel the best part of half a mile! It turns out there a been a big accident further up the road blocking it, and combined with the snow it just blocked everything up. So when I finally reached a junction I could use I ended heading down to the lower roads. Journey time for 5 miles on Tuesday - 2 hours 10 minutes!

Anyway despite all those problems I managed to roast a whole load more coffee this week, had some visitors to talk about espresso machines for a new coffee shop, had a confirmed order from a client in Xscape entertainment complex confirm an order for equipment and ingredients, did multiple local deliveries and was generally a busy boy.

It's also SPUD day tomorrow, I'm getting ready to put a big order for Steem through to power up tomorrow - I was going to do it last night but fell asleep - went to complete today and Steem value had shot up so I was getting loads less Steem for the same money - just my luck. Anyway I'm looking forward to checking out the #SPUD posts tomorrow and powering up more myself. After all the antics of the last week around the Blockchain I think it's important to remember it's Steem and it's Blockchain we all believe in, and have invested our time and money into. Everything that has happened has been absolutely about protecting the blockchain and our investments into it - I'm confident we have the right people in our top 30 Witnesses to make sure Steem Blockchain remains safe and as we always envisioned it to be.