c0ff33 vlog 21st February 2020 - The storms continue

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Another hectic week, last weekend was pretty crazy too with the #tron news and spending all of Saturday night in discord voice listening to the AMA and then Witness discussion in the PAL server - which was rammed. Anyway so far everything seems to be progressing rather well, but I'm sure everyone is keeping a close eye on what is happening in the future.

Work has been keeping me occupied as usual, with a bit more painting last weekend and then back to roasting during the week. Also delivered and set up a new on-demand espresso coffee grinder for local bar Kobenhaven - took a while to dial in the grind but general impression was the coffee tasted even better. Another set of visitors to look at the coffee roaster and see a few batches of coffee getting roasted.

I finally managed to do the post about the coffee I have brought in from Fazenda do Lobo https://steemit.com/hive-174578/@c0ff33a/coffee-s-of-the-world-brazillian-yellow-bourbon-from-fazenda-do-lobo-with-me-c0ff33a