c0ff33 vlog 13th March 2020 - The calm before the storm?

Author: c0ff33a

Description: This week has been a little steadier, managed to catch up on some much needed paperwork and continue tidying up clearing out the warehouse. We finally got the second skip in to clear the last of the upstairs window frames, and it was topped off with old flourescent light fittings I have been replacing with led units.

Steem blockchain continues it's stand off, although it seems the imposter Witnesses keep gaining Steem power, maybe the market drop made a good opportunity for Justin to buy in some more hundreds of thousands of Steem to power them up with.

And Coronavirus continues to grip the world, with some countries in lock down, travel restrictions and constant advice from councils and the Government. We were already well placed with hand washing and hygiene, and always using Antiseptic gels - but all relevant signage has been put up over our sinks and any visitors now how to use Antiseptic gel before the enter the building. Keeping it out is going to be important, and staff are aware they need to stay away if they are in contact with anyone that has it - or think they may have contracted it themselves. Otherwise business as usual, our shipping agents are taking their own precautions so deliveries will continue.

I also finally took my van load of scrap metal to the merchants to cash in, £80 worth in the end although just getting rid of it all without having to pay someone was the biggest benefit!

And I've continued to keep powering up Steem, very close to hitting 40k Steem Power now. It would be nice to regain some Witness rank positions but it is also understandable that many are still voting our top 30 only to try and keep the stand off in position.

If you are still unsure of who to vote as Witnesses, or don't want to get too involved just set me as your Witness Proxy and you will vote for the same Witnesses I do.