c0ff33 vlog 14th February 2020 - Floods and Gales, time to build an Ark!

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Well I've certainly had an interesting week, from my Grandad's funeral last Friday to painting at work on Saturday - where I ended up with my car trapped inside work thanks to a 2007 plate beat up transit van having a front tyre blow out and deciding the best place to abandon it was directly in front of my business roller shutter. Sunday wide spread flooding throughout my area and back to work for more painting and to get the police to tow the broken down van. At least they managed it just before I was going to get a taxi home Sunday night!

Back to work Monday and a busy week roasting, plus a trip to Leeds Bradford Airport Tuesday to pick up three men who flew in from Dublin to look at the coffee roaster and go through coffee roasting. That was a fun day, then Wednesday more coffee roasting and stripping down an old espresso machine to get the precious brass and copper out ready for my full van trip to the scrap metal merchants next week.

The end of the week calmed down a little, but always so much to do and with more heavy rain and gale force winds forecast for this weekend - it's going to be one spent indoors mostly!

I did plan on keeping this a TRON free zone, especially as there have been so many posts over the past 24 hours about it. But at the same time it's something that needs to be covered, because it involves all of our communities on Steem and there is at the moment a great deal of confusion about what is happening.

I first saw the medium post about the TRON purchase of Steemit Inc in the Brit's Discord, thanks to @pennsif - and it started some lively discussion about the potential impact. As time has passed we have more posts made about it - including by @justinsunsteemit himself about the plans. For the moment nobody really knows for sure what is going to happen or what the impact will be - the best advice is don't panic just wait until some actual factual information comes out.

The major annoucement will be on https://dlive.tv/JustinSun today at 5pm UK or 9am Pacific Time, I believe both @ned and @justinsunsteem will be talking live about the future plans.

Immediately after that the PAL discord will host a Steem Witness Forum on mspwaves - @aggroed will host and this is a definate to attend for anyone with a stake in Steem - whatever Steem Power you have this show will definately give the low down on what is happening, what the future will hold and how we proceed. I will do a Witness Post after - tonight or tomorrow morning giving my own views on what conspires.

Stay positive, in many ways whatever happens it will increase the value of the Steem token you are holding - as it already has over the past day.