c0ff33 drives - Snowy Monday Morning crawl to work

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Monday morning, the start of the working week and you really don't want anything to make it harder then it is. So of course it's perfect that it snowed heavy just before the commute to work! I set off earlier because of the snow, 7.30am to travel the 5 miles to work. It normally takes me around twenty minutes, anyone who watches my vlog will know just how short the trip can be.

Now let's face it, if you watch this video there is not that much snow - it's a dusting. In fact some areas of the world would say it is a hard frost - yet somehow in the UK a tiny bit of snow plunges us into gridlocked traffic chaos. Part of the problem is it rarely happens, so nobody thinks to fit winter tyres and really nobody has any clue how to drive on slippy roads. And of course it only takes one stuck car to block up an entire road.

So my morning commute to work started at 7.30am and finished an 9.10am - yes 1 hour and 40 minutes to drive 5 miles. Fantastic. Wait until you see this mornings video though!