c0ff33 vlog 6th March 2020 - What an exciting week!

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Well here it is, another vlog and look at that - I even managed to squeeze a hair cut in this week. Last weekend was relatively quiet for me, given it was absolutely freezing in the UK I decided to bravely avoid doing any more painting at work - seeing as we don't have the heating running at weekends. I got plenty done at home though and fitted in a Sunday afternoon visit to my Dad.

Monday started off with it's usual hectic mix of weekend orders, enquiries, questions about equipment from customers - oh and a brand new set of Top twenty Witnesses on the Steem Blockchain.

What - I didn't see that one coming. So a brand new set of Witnesses forked the blockchain to a new version that released Steemit Inc's funds. And as they were all controlled by one person, centralised the Steem Blockchain at the same time. All enabled by exchanges using users Steem that should remain liquid so they can access it when they like, but now the can't because it's powered up and will take an extended period of time to power down.

The plan was to issue a new hard fork allowing 1 day power downs so the exchanges could get their funds back, but the Steem community in what has to be the greatest single coming together of a diverse spread of people - refused to be bullied into submission and rallied together to vote for our existing Witnesses. It seems like from Tuesday nearly every single account the Steem Blockchain has ever had suddenly found the Witness vote page and started using it - votes were flying for days and we have right now 11 of our Witnesses at the top.

How it will progress now is anybody's guess, there is still a long way to go but this has really proven how much a passionate community can come together, and also the dedication for Steem our top Witnesses truly have.