c0ff33 vlog 9th October 2020

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Another week in 2020 - the most demanding year in existence. And while Covid continues to exert it's vengeful wrath on the population - avoiding any activity involving people is yet again the best idea.

Solid Saturday last week spray painting at work, coupled with grinding down the concrete lip into the warehouse - using my favourite tool the angle grinder with a diamond stone cutting disk. Made good progress in making the transition more of a ramp so the electric pallet stacker struggles less under load.

An exceptional week for roasting coffee two, with three days on the 30kg batch roaster - and one on the 5kg - that's a whole load of roasted coffee and it's moving very quick. 

All set up for Hive Blockchain Hard Fork 24 - with all my servers updated and ready to run smoothly once the fork occurs.