c0ff33 vlog 20th November 2020

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Another week dispatched in the turbulent year of 2020, it's getting no easier with a constant heavy workload and always issues to resolve.

Another intense week of roasting, and even more to do next week including a bulk 200kg order.

Other news finally managed to update the MacBook Pro to Big Sur, Apple's most beautiful Mac OS. It ended up requiring a complete wipe of the MacBook and set up as new to get the installer to run - I think something corrupted when I restored the backup from my old MacBook to this new Touch Bar enabled one. Anyway with a fresh new install I'm manually pulling back data from a back up drive - with varied success. Printers have been a pain, and mail didn't restore like I wanted - it's mostly there but not like it used to be.

Anyway onwards and upwards, a relaxing Saturday away from work but to the grind on Sunday. Who knows, 2021 might be an ok year - big might.