c0ff33 vlog 2nd October 2020

Author: c0ff33a

Description: The path to enlightenment is long and winding. After a decadent Weekend last week not working at all - a little bit of much needed relaxation it was back to the grind Monday with another impressive 8 batches run through the 30kg roaster - started the trend really with the small roaster on Wednesday and Thursday and then another 6 batch run on the 30kg roaster Friday. It's all good though at least we have the good fortune to be trading, luckier then many struggling again with new lockdown restrictions as Coronavirus is showing no signs of subsiding any time soon. And we are heading well into Winter the nights are closing in and it's raining - well it does that most of the time anyway.

Back to work this weekend, the painting never ends if I do every finish where I started will be ready to get done again -_-