c0ff33 vlog 13th November 2020

Author: c0ff33a

Description: Is it me or are the weeks flying by, might have something to do with my working flat out every single day and  never  catching up. Another crazy week, the most back to back roasts in the 30kg roaster so far - 9 in total on Tuesday. And that was after four batches in it Monday, and Wednesday 5 batches in the 5kg while packing all the coffee from the day before. Something in the region of 320kg roasted, packed and shipped this week.

The fog remained until Wednesday, then a few days break and it's back again now - I can't remember us having such a consistent amount of fog before.

After working both Saturday and Sunday last week I'm having a break Saturday at least this week, although there is a fair amount of web site work to get on with....