Author: calming.sunscapes02

Description: They escaped from their pursuers in the flying taxi as it took off from the platform. As they are flying away into the sunset above the ocean the girl turned towards the boy "Can you glide on over the ocean for a minute ? I wanna feel the ocean breeze and sea on my hand. It is the first moment of our freedom I want to cherish it." The boy clutching his arm, his skin scarred with shootout from the prison guard, turned towards the girl and smiled nodding his head as he lowered the craft above the sea where the girl glided her hand on the water , her hair wild with sea breeze. They lingered there for a while before the girl closed her eyes saving the recording of this moment into her android brain and then nodded back to the boy as he veered the craft back into the sky disappearing away into the mountains.
Music Credits:-
Artist: Trevor Kowalski
Music: Video Call from Los Angeles