It is useless to dwell on things that we do not have control over. Dtube lifetalk

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Some things happen in life that we cannot ignore even if we want to, we just keep watching as mute spectators. Circumstances become such that we do not have any emphasis on it. Now take the fierce form of nature itself. It rained lightly this morning, but not only did it downpour at a distance of 2 km, but due to the strong storm, many people's houses fell and many people lost their lives. This is the philosophy of life. Not everything that we think happens at all. So we should prepare ourselves mentally for every situation. People on this side of 2 km are happy that they have got water for their crops while people 2 km away are sad that how many injustices have been done to them. If we consider these things deeply, then it definitely comes to the fore that some of us humans are behind such unusual movements. The kind of circumstances that have changed for the last one and a half years, the whole human race is looking frightened. The changing nature of nature is a symbol of the fact that enough is enough. There is still time. Calm down The strange irony is that yet we are digging a pit for ourselves.
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