People say that the world has changed a lot but in reality only human and his humanity has changed. Dtube lifetalk

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Description: Hi beautiful world!
Happy Friday to all.
With the passage of time our thinking is also changing. We always blame others for our mistakes. Such people believe that the world is changing, but is the world really changing? The sun is still rising from the east, day and night are still happening at the appointed time, chilli has the same pungency, bitter gourd has the same bitterness. Even mango has the same sweetness then how can we say that the world is changing? The truth is that we humans are changing and our humanity is changing. Our thinking is changing, our way of living is changing. Take a look inside yourself and see if something has really changed in you?. If yes then stop blaming the world. Is the world to blame for environmental pollution and global warming? Instead of pure natural air, we are living in air condition, is nature to blame for this? The truth is that we need to change our thinking, we need to change our mindset and from the day this has happened, we will stop blaming others.
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