Never compare priceless relationships with money. Money is transient while relationship is eternal. Dtube lifetalk

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The importance of relationships can never be judged by money. Nor can the priceless relationship be compared to wealth. Because money is transient while relationships are eternal. No matter how much money you have, but only your well-wishers stand with you in times of trouble. Imagine if you have an accident at that time, how much money you may not have at that time, but if no one comes forward to help you, then think about what your situation will be. Therefore give importance relationship. Never try to break them with a jerk. If there is estrangement among friends, there is no harm in sitting together and think about. Sometimes our small differences create a rift in the relationship that we need to avoid. Because God gives this responsibility to him only, there is the ability to maintain the relationship inside the heart.
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