It doesn't matter how many people are around you but how many people come to help you, it is important.

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Life cannot be imagined without society and its cooperation. In times of need, only people associated with the society come forward to help us. These things are related to morality, but there is also another aspect of society. Have you ever felt that despite having many friends around you, only a few friends come to help you at the times of need. This is the changing nature of society, in which every day more and more is being seen by adding personal selfishness. The truth is that as long as we have a luxury life, we have no shortage of friends, but as the circumstances change, the number of friends also changes accordingly. A man living in the neighborhood who had four sons. He died yesterday at 3:00 pm due to snake bite. The irony was that it could not be decided among the four sun who would take him to the hospital. Due to the passage of more time, the poison spread throughout the body. If even one of the four had been eligible, his life might have been saved. That is to say, it is not important how many friends we have or how many children we have, it is important how many of them come forward in times of need.
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