Tolerance is a great quality for a human being and it is equally difficult for him to learn this quality.

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Tolerance is a quality that allows other people to do according to them whether we like it or not. Women are excellent examples of tolerance. Everywhere as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, she tries to keep others happy by sacrificing her choices. Suppose anger is a demerit while tolerance is a virtue. The tasks which get spoiled due to anger, the situations which become difficult, it can be resolved with tolerance. Tolerance does not mean that we are weak, but we have to strengthen those things which are in human interest. Timely anger can be a sign of tolerance as Jatayu did in the Ramayana. That is why it becomes necessary that we have tolerance in us so that we can deal with situations in a better way. It is a matter of this earth, take it, despite being such a heavy burden, never did any complaint against anyone. Perhaps that is why the elders say that we should be as tolerant as the earth.
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