We must take time to take decisions, but not too much so that it is too late. Dtube lifetalk....

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Sometimes our stubbornness and delay in decision-making open the door to misfortune for our lives. A person who insists on marrying a girl who is in a job. 38 years passed due to his stubbornness is also unmarried. In the end, even married to a girl who does not meet his conditions. After 1 month of marriage, differences of opinion began to occur. In the end the matter reached divorce. That is to say, we must take time before taking any decision, but we should not take so much time that it is too late. Today that person is going through mental depression. His situation has become quite pathetic. A person doing a good job is acting like crazy. Therefore, as per the need, we should also compromise with time and take decisions in time. Otherwise nothing comes apart from repenting.
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