Welcome to the first rain of the winter season. Dtube lifetalk..

Author: certain

Description: Hi beautiful world!
Very fresh morning from my side..
Today we get first drop of the rain in winter season. When I woke up in the morning, the weather changed a lot. When it came out of the room, it was raining. It was not torrential rain but just drizzling due to which the weather suddenly changed. Cold winds started blowing. Thank God that there was no heavy rain, otherwise the potato crop of farmers would have been completely destroyed. The cold is definitely full, but there is no loss due to this rain. In the month of November, it has never rained and people do not even expect it to happen. Because there is a possibility of more damage due to rain in this month. However, light rain is very beneficial for sugarcane and mustard crops.. Hope coming days will be more pleasant..
Welcome first rain of the season..
Thank you..