The world may not make your million good deeds irrelevant, but you will definitely critique a mistake made by you.

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Description: Hi everyone!
Wishing you very lovely Monday..
This morning I got a message on WhatsApp that had important learning related to life. In fact, there was a female teacher who was writing 9's multiplication table on the board, she wrote it correctly 9 times and last time deliberately did it wrong. The reaction of which was that all the students started laughing at him. Then she told that you have criticized the last mistake by ignoring my 9 goodies.
Perhaps all of us must have passed through this type of situation. Millions of our goodness are ignited, while millions of fingers rise towards us for one mistake. It is human nature that even if you do good, people will say it and if you do bad people will say it. Therefore it becomes necessary that we ignore them and continue towards our goal. This is the best option for us.

Thank you for your valuable time..
stay safe and happy..