Keep your intentions strong. Let people say what they say. One day the same people will praise you. Dtube lifetalk

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For any goal, we must keep our intentions strong. Do not panic with disdain or criticism. Obstacles come in the way of everyone, but successful is the one who moves forward regardless of them. We cannot shut people. It is the habits of the people to say. The people who are criticizing us today will also praise us if we are successful. Until then, we need to be patient and be dedicated to our goals. Pick up the history of any person and see whether any person has neither learned nor progressed without problems. If Thomas Alva Edison had sat down disappointed at the failure of one or two experiments, the whole country would have been living in the dark today. We need to learn from such great people who keep moving towards their goal without getting distracted.
Today's failure will be success of future..
Thank you..