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> Rewarded Eco-citizen Act

It's time to take flight

Since 2018 when cleanplanet was created, our organisation has been rewarding all the benefactors of the planet.

People who have a great spirit for the environment and who take the time to clean the planet when they travel are rewarded with several cryptocurrencies.

Tomorrow is a great day
Tomorrow we ask you to mobilise

From tomorrow and for 3 months we start a fundraising campaign for CLEANPLANET

Participate in the Global Aid either in cryptocurrency or with the old currencies... $, €, CHF... If you have any left...

Come and see the website https://cleanplanet.io and check out the donation addresses...

If you use the HIVE platform, I multiply by 10 the amount of your donation and I send you PLANET TOKEN
It is really for the moment symbolic but as soon as we have $3 M collected you will see that the value of this token ... will not be the same.

Let me dream 😃

Every donation, no matter how small, is really important

Thanks Friends

I take the responsability to mention some gret persons, sorry if it is trouble for you

@macron @mar1u5february @yutoaopan @brishtiteveja0595 @adetorrent @adventuroussoul @hauptmann @tibfox @dabiggest01 @priyanarc @hetmasteen and friends ...

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