Robots in Russia ! lol

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this videos I showed my reaction to some funny videos about the Russian life.*

It's really crazy what's happening in the world, but it doesn't mean that we don't have the right to have fun.

People are tired from all this and we're really like living in a movie where governments dictate to people what to do.

- The first video is showing how robots are delivering food to a guy from the balcony.

- The second is real robot that someone put in a store and he's saying strange things.

- The third is about how robots are controling people outside and checking their E-pass.

I also showed how a guy from UK is hiding to buy food from a store.

*Maybe the videos are funny, but it's the horrible reality that can be in the future if people will accept everything.*

> In the place of those robots, they just can invent some machines that will do that.

I hope nothing of that will ever happen and we will become free again.