Hive English Club is a part of DCooperation !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I explained why Hive English Club is a part of DCooperation.*

If you read our white paper : [DCooperation's white paper !](

Some may think that if I created a new community, I will forget about the old one where I invested almost 2 years of my life. That's not true. In the white paper of @dcooperation we had a plan to create ''English It'' show. But, not a lot of people supported that. That's maybe my mistake because I wanted a lot from @dcooperation and maybe our members get confused.

Now, the [Hive English Club]( is growing. And when we will have enough people in the community, we will create shows as well. I need to be sure that enough people will participate in them. That will be a nice collaboration and at the same time, practicing English together.

We have people from all arround the world in hive. Some of them would like to improve their English. Maybe that's a reason why some are not recording videos. That's why some are not sharing their ideas in form of podcasts. So, by helping them improve and be confident, we may help them to use more applications on hive and that's how that may help the blockchain.

We can also invite people who are learning English from other social media. I know that the niche of those who are learning English in the world is big. They are even ready to pay money to find people to practice with. They can do that in hive by earning it. So, it's a nice way to invite people who are paying for something to get it for free here and even get paid for that.