Communities and circles !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I decided to talk about communities and circles.*

A lot of people in the past were a bit negative about circles. But, when we look at communities, it's also kind of circles.

When we have contests or initiative created, always the circle of people who do something get rewarded. When we look at likeminded people, it's also a circle.

Maybe it's not good if those people only support each other and don't look at others, but the existence of those circles is not that bad in fact.

Let's suppose that each member from that circle start to invite people from social media. Those people may join the blockchain but not be in that circle and join an other because they like it more and that's more than ok.

### I think we shouldn't be that strict. If we support communities, so we support circles.


Let's suppose someone curating the same topics of the same type of content. Should we call that curator a member of a circle ? Maybe that's what he/she likes to curate. Should we tell people what to curate ? I don't think so.

The situation now looks much better because I see a lot of different contesnt creators in the trending page. That means we have more communities and better distribution of rewards. But it doesn't mean that those circles don't exist.

So, maybe it's the time to not focus on that and just keep building and growing communities. I think communities are the future of this blockchain !


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