Masks getting monetized ! $$$ !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I talked about masks and how they are getting monetized.*

Really most of goverments are getting crazy.

I don't know about other countries, but in Russia we have to pay fines if we don't wear masks.

I don't know for how long this all will last, but I think it's the same situation everywhere.

Imagine how many people are buying them. Let's suppose that everyone needs 1 masks a day and the price of the mask is 1 dollar, this will be billions of dollars spent every single day. But, if people buy more than one a day, it will be even trillions.

We've seen people wearing masks in China usually, now it's in all the world. Crazy to say that, but what if China just control all the world now. That's just my hypothesis, I'm not sure about that and about anything I said in the video.

A lot of theories are created and a lot of things are going on....

*I hope this madness will end someday !*