Why they kill heros in movies !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I talked about what's happening in movies and tv shows.*

Just like I talked about the predictive programming before. I would like to share my opinion about why they kill heros.

So, usually in those movies I mentioned and even some tv shows, we have heros loved by a lot of people. For example in Game of Thrones we all loved that family and most of them were killed.

When people watch a movie, they compare heroes to themselves. When the hero is killed it's kind of killing him/her in ourselves. In the end people will not be that confident and they will not do anything against the goverment and they will look always for a hero. But, if no one wants to be a hero and afraid to be killed, of course we will have less people who fight or none at all.

*That's just a theory I have in my mind and wanted to share with you.*

> I mean, maybe it's not true.

What do you think ?


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