The biggest Russian party loool

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I showed how a group of people sang behind the house I live in.*

In Russia in 9 may every single year, they usually celebrate a big party. It's related somehow to the 2d world war.

Usually Russians get out to the middle of the city to celebrate this party.

Becuase of this quarantine of healthy people, we have to sit home.

This is the second month we are staying home and we can't even get out far from home or without a mask.

People are not happy about the situation. I don't know when this all will end.

The strangest thing is that some medical staff in the news are not wearing those masks.

Even the president is celebrating that with the army without a mask while some people are paying fines :

This is the situation we are living in.

This is a big party for people. lol