The nature is healthy !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I showed a cool place next to my house and said my opinion about the quarantine.*

> I already shared today this post about how awesome is the nature : [The nature in the Russian south !]()

But, the video can show you more and make you feel that even better.

I mean the nature is really healthy and now sick at all. I don't see any virus arround. I asked all people I know and no one is infected and they don't know infected people as well. It's strange to read about the virus everywhere. It's strange that the governments are pushing so many people to stay home, even those who need to get out to work. I don't know about the country you live in, but in Russia people are not getting free money in this hard time. Most of people are using their savings to survire. There are a few who get some support and that was about $200, but that's not a lot for people who pay that only for living, food and bills. Anyway I'm using my savings and I'm even sending a big part to my mother who is not working right now, because she is not alllowed. Their store is closed because the quarantine.

*I think when people have difficulties in their lives, they became afraid from dying from hunger, more than they are afraid of a virus. There are a lot of diseases more people are dying from. But, no one is talking about those people. It's not shared. No one is making us afraid of other illnesses. There are more dangerous ones that can kill even immediately like a heart attack for example.*

I think we are all tired to hear about this. We all want to live as usual. I think we can take care of ourselves.

*Anyway, it's a hard topic to talk about.*

### Stay healthy and don't be afraid. Take all precautions needed, but don't let the fear control you !


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