Join Hive English Club !

Author: clixmoney

Description: This is a video invitation to join the new club I created.

For more details check this post : [A new community to practice English !](

The goal is to practive English together.

You can see what we did in the English club I created here in Russia :

That's the club I was talking about in the video.

From now and go on, I will share a lot of useful information related to the language.

Here are the things we will do in the communty :

- We will not count on upvotes here, but only spread useful information about the international language.
- We will not have an account where we will have to delegate power or share on it content.
- All the content could be shared by our future members.
- We will make mistakes to learn from them.
- We will find native speakers to help us improve.
- We will record our discussions in form of videos.
- We may have video conferences in zoom or skype.
- We will not have discord server to be active here in hive.
- Our hive community will be the home for those who would like to practice English and get rewarded from their content.

So, if you are interested to help, please join the communty.

*Any suggestions are welcome !*

Here is the link :


![ (3).png](

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