No more beard in Russia !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I talked about a very funny news spreading in Russia.*

I don't even know if that true or not because lately we have so many new laws in the country. We are not allowed to get out if we don't have a special permission, if we are not wearing masks and golves and now this crazy thing.

It seems that doctors are now controling the world. One of a respected doctor said that the virus can be gathered because of the beard and any hair on the face. So, some said that we will have to pay fines if we will have a beard and even moustache.

Some are believing that and prefer to stay without a beard, but there is a news telling that the goverment are aware about that and that was a fake virus. But, I think they can do what ever they want and why to not make people pay more fines.

### The world is going crazy and we may see more crazy things in the future.

## That's really funny. lol