10 years to become Russian !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *Today is a special day for me. I finally get the Russian citizenship.*

### It's a very motivational true story ! My true story !


I was born in Algeria. My mother is Russian, my father is Algerian. I started to study there till the 4th promary year. In that time we had terrorism killing foreigners. My father decided to send me, my sisters and my mother to Russia to not being killed. I lived here 4 years and studied at school. Learned Russian very well. Then my father decided to take me back to Algeria. I had to go with him and leave my mother and sisters in Russia. I lived 2 years in Algeria before my mother also decided to travel back.

The life in Algeria wasn't that easy. Strict father and hard traditions didn't let me feel home. My father got marrier in those 2 years while my mother was far from me. My relatives there didn't accept me that much. People always reminded me that I'm not one of them. I decided to do everything to not live there. I finished my study and got a diploma. I started working and gathered money to go back to Russia. I've spend hard 12 years waiting for the perfect moment to leave.

In 2010 my grand father was very sick and that was a very good reason to tell to my father that I will travel no matter what. While he didn't like when I was practicing Russian online or with my mother or sisters. He wanted me to stay forever there ! But, he didn't have the choice. I became a man and could decide for myself. He was very angry, but I had to go. I had to tell him goodbey.

So, I traveled to Russia. Didn't have the chance to see my grand father before he died. I dreamed 12 years to see him, but life can dictate it rules. To live here I had to study with 17 years old people to get the visa. That was the only way to stay here. Having a Russian mother didn't help me to became Russian myself. The law is very strict here. It was hard to find friends here or to find a work. But, I worked in a lot of places. In construction, in restaurant and other places. I had to study here 6 years and to have a residentship i got married after that. I had the chance to date a girl in my last year of study. Now I'm married 4 years and I have a lovely 2 years and help little kid.

I finally got the citizenship after fighting for 10 years. I the only way I could get it is legally because I didn't have big money to use alternative ways. I'm glad I'm Russian now. Not that happy because of what's happening in the world. But, I'm proud of myself because I didn't give up. I fighted till the end. I did everything to get it !

*Now, finally I can find a better work. Maybe change my real name to a Russian one to make it easy to live here. Start to build my careen in my 35 years old !*

### This is a story to take an example from.

## Never give up if you have a dream !