Predictive programming !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I talked about the predictive programming.*

Maybe some will tell me that's a conspiracy theory, but it seems very true !

I was looking for information about how other countries are living in this hard time and I've found a guy sharing a very interesting video. It's about a tv show that was created in 2002 that's called ''Dead Zone''. It was created almost 18 years ago and they already talked there about the coronavirus ! So, this virus exist for a long time and it's not new. The interesting thing that we are living the same scenario right now.

Here is the link to the video :

The same about a lot of movies created by hollywood. Most of them showed us movies where strong people controled the weak and they can't do anything to defend themselves. We will be forced to make tests and vaccines, maybe because some of us are already programmed to do so.

You can also read about predictive programming here : [THE PSYCHOLOGY OF EXTRAORDINARY BELIEFS](

Or just watch this video for more details :

### Maybe it's too late to change something, but at least we should know the truth !


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