Content creators are not interested in governance !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I shared my emotions about something recently happned to me in both blockchains.*

I want to let some people know that ''Content creators are not interested in governance !''. So, let us just create please !

Let us create content, create communities, participate in initiatives. We are not here for power or influence. We are here just to earn something or for fun.

I did what I did to show my position. I know that those people have enough power. My action will not change anything.

I said everything in the video and if you really care, watch it.

I don't want to spend any more time discussing this.

*Enough drama !*

### Enough wasting our energy for things we not here for !


> After all we all suffering now from the lockdown. People are losing their work, some are not finding what to eat, some are afraid even to go to the hospital, some are just dying. The world is going crazy and we shouldn't spend time to fight each other. Most of us are citizens who just follow what their governments said. Don't make us feel the same in the blockchain. Let us be free at least here !

I always ask for people to follow me in twitter. Here is what was chosen by my followers :

I listen to my followers in twitter. I worked on that account almost two years. That mean those who are still following me, they know what's better for me. Those who are not following are not interested !

## If you want to see the change, you have to push for it in all social media, but not only here !