Forget upvotes to get upvotes !

Author: clixmoney

Description: *In this video I talked about upvotes.*

Most of us here want those big upvotes. But, let's think for a while. Is that a good position to be in all the time ?

When we create in particular communities or participate in initiative to be upvoted very well, we kind of lose ourselves. I mean if we will count only on that.

The best way is to build the audiance and to not think about upvotes at all. Because that way you will focus more in your audiance. You will grow your following and improve in your niche.

After being with this community more than 2 years and 11 months, I decided to not think about upvotes and especially to not do things only to get them. I prefer to keep building @dcooperation , curating those who need support with @tipu and of course building the new English Club I created recently.

The best saying I ever heard about people is : ''We are not trees, we can move.'' I mean move between project to project, between a social network to other. We should show our presence everywhere we can. That way even people from the community we are growing in, may find us outside and support us. The more people we will reach the more support we may get. Diversify your content in a few platform and you will see result.

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