My First Month on TikTok - How I Went Viral and Grew a Following

Author: coruscate

Description: Hi Friends!

I'm testing out the functionality of cross-posting here on Dtube! I was really excited to see that they added Hive as an option! Let's see how this goes!

In this video, I share all about how I was able to gain 20k followers in my first month on TikTok. Although this may not be the most “insane” TikTok story you’ve ever heard… I feel like it’s super attainable for an average person like me. Few things about me:

I’m not a good dancer.
I’m not even a good lip syncer.
I’m not really that funny.
I’m no supermodel.
I’m 30.

I honestly think that if I could do it - you definitely could too. In this video, I break down the difference between slowly growing followers with daily videos vs. going viral and how both are important parts to growing a follower base on TikTok.

I even break down my mega-viral video into the two segments why it went viral and how you can use those ideas in your own content.

Couple of other fun things to note! Next, I’ll be making a video about how to use TikTok to help explode your Twitter and Instagram game AND I’m bringing a famous TikToker (Facts CEO) on my channel next week to pick his brain on how he gained 750k followers in 1 week!!

Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss that! Oh and go check out my TikTok for plenty of mediocre/summy funny videos. 😂 My username on there is @girlgone_crypto.

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