EOS-based Game With Crypto Influencers As NFTs - Interview with Chain Clash Founder, Adrian Krion

Author: coruscate

Description: I had the awesome chance to sit down with the Co-Founder of a new game that just launched on EOS called Chain Clash. It utilizes NFT’s and even features crypto “celebrities” such as Crystal Rose, Brock Pierce, the Bad Crypto guys, John McAfee, and of course… Satoshi Nakamoto.

The idea for the game was sparked from all the tribalism that tends to happen on Crypto Twitter. Instead of battling it out on Twitter - why not have different “Clans” and battle it out there and earn some crypto! It’s a pretty fun concept, in my opinion.

Currently, there are certain clans like Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin cash etc… but they eventually plan to expand the game into more industries as well.

One thing we chatted about that I thought was particularly interesting is how they plan to eventually go multi-chain as well. So if someone is part of the ETH clan… instead of their avatar living on the EOS blockchain - it could actually live in ETH.

One thing I really appreciate that they are doing is having a free version of the game as well - so you can get started playing right away and can check it out.

This is a packed interview that I think you guys are really going to enjoy! All the links are below if you’d like to check out the game and try it for yourself.

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