Sidechains and the Future of DeFi with Jaynti Kanani of Matic Network

Author: coruscate

Description: I’ve been getting a lot of requests to interview Matic - and so here it is! I had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO and Co-Founder Jaynti Kalani to learn more about what they are building over at Matic Network.

I think side chains are a super important part of the global crypto conversation right now and so I asked Jaynti to not only discuss Matic - but to give a good sidechain 101 for those watching who aren’t totally familiar.

Matic is a sidechain for the ETH blockchain, and so I asked him to give a comparison of of Matic vs. Lightning and other side chains.

We also discuss their token and it’s role in the eco-system and how their mainnet launch has been going so far!

DeFi is a huge topic in the space right now and so since they are aiming to be a “One stop DeFi platform” I picked his brain on DeFi in general and how he thought the DeFi space would continue to develop over the next year or two.

I really hope you guys enjoy this interview! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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