How to Shop and Pay with Bitcoin - A complete Bitplaza Tutorial

Author: coruscate

Description: I’m a big fan of projects that help move the adoption of bitcoin forward. One of the ways that I think this will happen is by making it easy and accessible for people to actually purchase everyday items with bitcoin.

That’s why I decided to do a walkthrough tutorial of Bitplaza - which is an app that is available in iOs and the Google Play Store which has a large marketplace of items available for sale in exchange for bitcoin. They are a publicly-traded company and Social Detention Inc (SODE) owns an equity stake in Bitplaza Inc.

In this video I walkthrough:

- Go through each section of the app showing the various search and navigation functionalities.

- Their customer support and how to reach them if needed.

- How to view tracking information for your orders.

- Their privacy policy and how they use any data that is collected during the order process.

- The refund/return policy for items.

- A complete walkthrough from start to finish with buying an item with bitcoin, including showing the order confirmation email I got as well.

It’s always fun to test out cool projects in the space and I hope you guys enjoy checking out this video on Bitplaza!

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