Building a Decentralized Global Web with Kristof de Spiegeleer of Three Fold

Author: coruscate

Description: I got to sit down with the Founder and CEO of Three Fold to discuss the work they are doing to build a more private, and decentralized web infrastructure.

We chat about both the high-level overview of what they are building and get a little deeper in the weeds to chat about the tech behind their nodes and the Three Fold Grid.

He also addresses, efficiency for storage solutions, scalability and it impacts on decentralization, cost/ROI on the nodes, their tokenomics, and what their roadmap for development looks like.

I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about these guys from other crypto projects like Stellar and some recent press coverage in publications like CoinTelegraph - and so it was great to sit down with Kristof and learn more!

I hope you guys enjoy our conversation. ♥️

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