The FIRST University to offer a Crypto Degree in 2014 - Interview with University of Nicosia

Author: coruscate

Description: Blockchain integration into the world of higher education has been a big topic in the space lately as more and more universities consider adding blockchain-related classes as on-campus crypto clubs continue to grow.

That’s why I wanted to bring on Socrates Mina who works with the University of Nicosia. They were the very first university to offer a Master’s Degree in “Digital Currency” all the way back in 2014!

Not only were they the first university to offer this kind of program - but they have a really all-star cast of lectures as well - including Andreas Antonopoulos. My friend Tech with Catalina also teaches at the university in Spanish.

One thing I think is great about the University of Nicosia and the Institute for the Future - is that they not only offer a full master’s degree - but they have specialized certificates as well. Committing to a full master’s program may not be in the cards for everyone, but they do offer certificates in some of the most in-demand skills needed in the blockchain industry.

We also chat about the huge annual conference they hold called Decentralized. It is one of the largest and most prestigious blockchain events in Europe and is slated to be held in Greece at the end of the year. As Socrates and I discuss in our chat though - whether it will be able to take place this year due to COVID 19 related travel issues will remain to be seen.

We also chat about his tips for getting hired in the blockchain industry and making yourself a more attractive candidate. Socrates is a wealth of knowledge on this topic because he not only works directly with students that come out of their programs - but he also has 20 years of experience as a tech recruiter.

I really hope you guys enjoy our chat together! It was a treat to sit down with Socrates and learn more about how they are pioneering the integration of blockchain into higher education.

Check out their programs:

Masters degree ➡️

Certification Programs ➡️

Certification Classes ➡️

Courses begin on June 1st and the University of Nicosia has graciously offered to give the GGC audience a 25% discount on courses with code “girlgonecrypto25”. 🙏🏼

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